Hike, Swim, Eat, Drink on Easy Trails in St John

Looking for one of the most beautiful trails in the US Virgin Islands? Make your way over to St John because they have some of the best hikes that are filled with nature, beautiful views, turquoise beaches, water fun & a beach bars!

Get Ready For Adventure

Take the Redhook people ferry to Cruz Bay and then a short 5-minute walk from the ferry dock to the start of Lindpoint Trail. The entrance is across from
Virgin Islands National Park Service Visitor Center, and up the stairs.  These trails are on the flatter side some sturdy sandals or water shoes will be enough to get you through the 30-minute hike over.


Buoy on a ferry rail
Trail Hike Signs

Be Prepared To Hike Light

Solomon Beach, St. John

A Just 15-minutes in, you will have a choice to head down to Lower Lindpoint which takes you to a more secluded beach named Solomon Beach. A hike half the time to the real fun! So pack a light lunch and cooler. because there is no bar & grill there but the views & snorkeling are just as amazing. Just remember to take some music. I carry my Wonderboom speaker on hikes all the time.


Go all the way to the Beach Bar & Grill

Honeymoon Beach, St. John

Taking the 30-minute easy hike to Honeymoon Beach if you’re up for it, is rewarding. Because not having to carry a cooler or a lunch is easy! When you follow the trail up to Honeymoon Beach, you will end up at Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill. Where you can enjoy beach water sport like paddling & snorkeling, a beach bar with food & painkillers (island favorite) and music! Don’t worry, you will have enough energy to enjoy it all and hike back. Its that easy!

Two Girls Hiking a Trail
3 Girls toasting on a beach

Which Easy Trail Will You Hike?

I normally take my guest on the easy hikes, it really is the most fun if you are looking for something enjoyable and fulfilling, then Honeymoon Beach is the place to go. Anyone can walk there, and there are no extra taxi fees that you will have to spend. I hope you take this trail on your next trip over to St. John US Virgin Islands and come back to tell me how it went. I love sending you on adventures that I have experienced because it only brings out the joy in all of us. Go get that well-deserved Pain Killer, and if you trip on a small rock on the way back, the “Pain-Killer” is there to help!

3 Girls toasting on a beach

If you are looking for something even more relaxing than this, check out my post on Lovango Resort & Beach Club, a private Island where you can do all of the above with a more luxurious vibe. 

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