Waterproof means No Smudging, No Running, No Black Eyes!

Living on an island has me testing all sorts of waterproof beauty products. Lately, I’ve been asked what some of the best mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks are best for a day out on the water, or while hustling at work in a hot environment. Stop wasting your money and take my word that these are some of the best waterproof, sweatproof, smudge-proof products for your eyes. So if you are planning a beach vacation or are hard at work, these are my top eye products to add to your makeup bag.


Esika Pro Mega Full-Size

My Aunt from Colombia introduced me to the Esika Mascara and I’m in love with it. I put it on Saturday mornings and stays on all weekend. No need to re-apply, just add a curl to your lashes on Sunday and you’re ready for the whole day. This is a hard mascara to find but as it’s a product of Puerto Rico, I’m on a mission to find a supplier the next time I visit. If you have any trouble finding it online, send me an email, I may have some extras ?  
Black Mascara
Black Mascara

 Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes

I’m a huge fan of this mascara in black! It not only holds all day, but it is perfect for a day out on the water. Have no fear if you get splashed or jump in the water. All you need is an SPF and Tarte’s he Lights, Camera Mascara for a full day of boating


Inglot Gel Liner

This is my go-to gel liner for bridal events. For a dramatic look, I add  Inglot Gel Liner with a small flat brush like the Sigma E15 flat definer brush to the tight line which is right beneath the top lashes & waterline of the eyes. It leaves a very pigmented look with no buildup on the tear ducts. Shed a tear or two with no worries of it running down your cheeks.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Eye-liner pencils are hard to trust for being budge-proof. But, I did a little research and have asked other Makeup Artists what their go-to waterproof pencil is. So I have come to the conclusion that Urban Decay 24/7 is it. This video shows us how tough it is and will fight a day filled with sweat & moisture.

KVD Liquid Liner

Lastly, the best liner I’ve come across to last all day & night, rain or shine is the KVD Liquid Liner. This liner gives you a precise & delicate line above the lash. It can be easily built thicker and more dramatic with a little practice. Its quick-drying formula is set at soon as to place it so have fun with any style liner you create with it. 

Removing Waterproof Makeup

With all these waterproof, sweatproof, doesn’t come off all-day eye-proof products, you will need to somehow remove it. I highly recommend using coconut oil on a cotton pad or Q-Tip. Lightly pat the damp coconut oiled cotton pad or Q-Tip along the waterline & lashline using small gentle strokes. Using this natural method will guarantee to have a clean canvas for the next day. I hope my recommendations will save you money and time from searching for the best smudge-free eye products. If you are heading to the beach, a wedding, or to a long day at work, these are the best and you won’t have to worry about looking like a water-painted Picasso piece.  

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