Sun damage can leave you with unwanted spots

Many women in their late 30’s can easily “spot” their own sunspots when looking in the mirror right out of the shower. Especially around our T zone & cheeks, which is normally where the sun hits. I admit I do too, and can only advise that taking care of your skin from your early 20’s can do wonders for your older years. But not to worry, as I know some of today’s most amazing skincare routines to take to help lighten those leopards spots.


To keep it simple, it’s shaving your face. Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliating your face to remove dead skin cells, peach fuzz and helps unclog pores. Your skin will also absorb more product and you will be left glowing. Dermaplaning can be done at home if you’re confident in shaving your own face, or with a licensed esthetician.  I use a vitamin E oil and the facial flamingo razors to dermaplan once a month. I’m not a licensed esthetician but it works for me and many others ladies I’ve mentioned it to. Here’s a fun Tiktok video I created to show you how I do it.

A Cleansing Routine

Wash, Tone, Prep, Moisturize! 

Wash your face ladies!!! In the morning & at night. And if you happen to be in the ocean, wash it down with fresh water when you get out. I’m guilty of not doing so very often as I forget. We all have our morning rituals & favorite products but if those aren’t helping you lighten up those sunspots, these are the ones that I have been using religiously!



Removes makeup & dirt

PH Normalizer Bottle


Cleans pores & brings back your PH level


Tightens & reduces pores, fine lines & sun spots


Hydrates your skin
Abuelas Secret

Wear Your SPF! 

Reef Safe 

Apply a thin layer of spf before applying makeup. This will help protect you from any UV-rays throughout the day. I use the Neutrogena ultra sheer 100 spf during the week. It’s super light and I apply it right after I moisturize and right before I apply my makeup.

If you’re planning on spending the day outdoors, do not forget your spf. There are so many different types of spf creams, balms & sprays out there that can be harmful to the environment so make sure you are finding the Reef-friendly ones if you are heading to the beach. Normally they do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, which causes coral reef bleaching. Check out these reef-safe spf lotions to name a few. 


The coast is clear for sunny days 

Now that you’ve picked up some of my skincare tips, I highly recommend consistency in applying all these methods to your daily life. Don’t let shaving your face scare you, your hair will not grow back thicker!  Don’t forget to Wash, Tone, Prep, Moisturize. These steps are easy, and leave you feeling refreshed when using the right products. Do, wear your Spf. If you are going to take anything away from this post, it is to wear Spf religiously to help prevent future sunspots from forming. 


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