Exploring Rionegro, Medellin Colombia

Are you planning on flying to Medellin, Colombia? I recently got back from a 2 and half-week trip through Colombia beginning in Rionegro. The amount of culture and exploration is endless. We started our trip by staying at one of the best hotels near the MDE airport. Then took a day trip to Guatape, Colombia on a Chiva bus. And also attended my cousin’s wedding at a beautiful Finca in Llanogrande. This has to be one of the best trips for me because I explored parts of Colombia I have always wanted to see since I was young. This post is the first part of the trip. Learn where to stay, what to do, and where to eat on one of your first days in the most beautiful countries in the world. 

Best Hotel Near Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia

One of the best hotels near the MDE Airport is the Movich Hotel which is a short 5 min ride from the airport.  The Movich Hotel is a 5 star hotel with moody decor and an ambiance of vibes that are nothing less than soothing & calming. Relax in their heated pool or spa and walk their beautiful grounds that flock with peacocks. They have a delicious array of breakfast foods. A great mix of tropical juices and Colombian foods. The staff speak English and are super courteous and friendly. The Movich Hotel is the perfect hotel to stay at if you are flying in late so don’t skip out on enjoying a luxury night before going out to explore Colombia. Check out how cozy the interior is here.


Day trip around Rionegro, Colombia

Take a day to walk around some of the nearby pueblos in Rionegro. The Movich Hotel will call you a taxi who can also pick you up where they drop you off if you arrange it with them. We visited the small pueblo of San Antonio de Pereria where we had some empanadas & micheladas at El Balcon. In Colombia, the micheladas are made with lime juice and salt only. They are pretty delicious so don’t wait and order one right away. The small town of San Antonio has a ton of places to eat. Check out the delicious sweets at Postres San Antonio.  Just walking around this little pueblo will have you feeling like a local enjoying the small bites and strolling around the old parks and spending time enjoying the town.


Rent a Chiva and Head to Guatape!

If you’re traveling with a large group, renting a Chiva (a party bus) for a day trip to Guatapé El Penol is a must. It’s a 1.5-hour ride while partying on a bus with all your family and friends. Before getting to El Peñol, make a stop in the Pueblo de Zocalos. Here you can walk around and grab some lunch in this great little town full of restaurants, shopping and colorful buildings great for picture opportunities. Then make your way to the bottom of El Peñol and get ready to climb 700 steps up to the top where you will see views of  islands and mountainous landscapes. 


Stay in a Finca in Llanogrande, Colombia

Looking to rent out a beautiful villa in Colombia? There are so many around the Llanogrande area. I stayed with my cousin in this VRBO. It’s really close to the airport so I suggest having earplugs anywhere in this area. our 4-night stay was great though. In many Colombian VRBOs or Airbnb there are housekeepers that are willing to cook breakfast for you, run errands, call taxis, and even do your laundry all with kindness.  My cousin had her wedding ceremony and reception right on the grassy grounds and it couldn’t have been more magical than it already was. It’s also super close to a shopping mall and restaurants that are within a 10min walk. With a jaccuzi in the back and a great group, your bound to have a wonderful time at one of these amazing villas in LLanogrande, Colombia.

Flying into South America

I can’t say flying into Colombia is a breeze so here are a couple of pointers if you flying into Bogota, Colombia first.  To clear customs, arriving locals and immigrants both have to clear Migration. There are long lines and multiple check spots so give yourself at least an hour and a half if you are connecting into Medellin, Colombia. To get through more smoothly, fill out the immigration form on the Migracion app and tell a line assistant that you have a connecting flight. I would avoid flying into Bogota, Colombia so check out Skyscanner for some of the best flight options and prices out there. 


Enjoying the best of Medellin, Colombia

Whether you’re traveling with a partner or a larger group, regrouping for a night or weekend around the MDE Airport is a great idea. Since Colombia has so much to offer, just stepping out of the airport will leave you breathless. The sights are incredible and the people are as friendly as you treat them. If you have never visited, a small culture shock may happen but you will quickly settle in quickly. So visit small pueblos and make a day trip into Guatepé because that is an experience of a lifetime. For more things to do around Rionegro, check out some amazing excursions below. 


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