” I met a 16 year old who at 15 created his first lipgloss to matte lipstick”

  For those who may not already know, I have a passion for makeup. From being creative with it to helping anyone feel better in their own skin with makeup just enlightens me. As I left island last Thursday to celebrate my 35th bday with my family in Florida, I have to admit I was pretty excited that I was going to be attending the Makeup Show which was held Orlando. A convention for anyone in the beauty industry to network, learn about new techniques and shop new and popular products at a discount. With stops in major cities like Orlando, Chicago, New York and LA. Orlando was just a plane skip away for me. I attended with my the company of my mother and sisters and just walking in felt so overwhelming it took me about 15 minutes to realize what I wanted to see and shop for. Luckily the lines weren’t too bad to get some of my most wanted products to add to my kit. Such as Temptus airbrush kit, a Stilazzi Gel Liner in Deep Teal Pearl & Makeup Forevers HD Foundation.                                                                                         I also added a few Crown & Stilazzi brushes to my collection which already includes a set of 8 BESTOPE Brushes that I love using for my morning routine.   My sister Sabrina told me about a lipstick she wanted to try  and she took me to this booth where I met a 16 year old who at 15 created his first lipgloss to matte lipstick. A makeup artist, Equality Activist and A beautiful soul deserves much success. Follow him on Instagram @zachdish & check out his FormulaZCosmetics here.  
  My bags were starting to gain some weight from all of the purchased products & samples that it was time to wrap up the morning. As we were on our way out, I stopped to admire all the talent of everyone there who put on such a cool show. Especially the creation of this special effects demon that was airbrushed and created right in front of everyone. Afterall, there is only 42 days left until Halloween. Im left with so much inspiration and cannot wait to create some amazing looks.


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