What should I get Mom for Mothers Day?


So Mothers Day is this Sunday and if you’re like me, gifting mom last minute is embarrassing as is. I’ll normally do flowers or print out a picture for her. This year, I feel a little more prepared since I was just visiting her in Chicago, and was really able to see what mom needed to feel loved. I still only have 3 days left to get her something good and delivered to her doorstep.

With a little over 2000 miles apart, from my mama, I’m guaranteed an overnight delivery from Amazon for Saturday. I hope these ideas give you a little inspiration on what to get your mom or any special mother you cherish, wether it’s your daughter, sister, aunt, friend or yourself.


Shui Tree

Tree of Life for Good Luck, Wealth, Money & Prosperity

My sister has this tree. She has it on her windowsill and when I saw the sun shining through all the stone, I felt a small energy hit me inside. I’m not too big on stones and their powers but I do believe in it. This tree makes for a perfect gift to any home because it can bring positivity & peaceful vibes to release any stress or bad juju within the home.


Motivational Water Bottle

Leak-Proof Water Bottle 64oz -1 Gallon

What better way than to motivate mom to drink more water? These Motivational Water Bottles are pretty fun to just look at, the bright colors of the bottle will capture your attention in any room. Mom wont forget to drink her water. And those motivational lines will keep her drinking because she will read it with your voice in her head. GO MOM!


Estee Lauder Global Anti-Aging 

Revitalizing & Night Repair

This is a no-brainer to get any mom, those long days she’s been working to give you the perfect life, and those long nights you kept her up when you were a baby or staying out way too late. Yes, she deserves this! I have gifted the Estee Lauder Night Repair Cream before. Let’s just say moms love this stuff and so does their skin.


Aromatherapy Candles & Cleaning Spray

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day 

Moms always cleaning right?  Give her the day off with the Meyers Candles. They will actually do the cleaning for her. Or give her some Meyers Peony Cleaning Spray for the next day. Why not!? They smell like flowers after all. I swear they are the best-scented candles & cleaning sprays I’ve smelled. My favorite Meyers scents are Basil & Peony.  


What Should You Get Mom?

We all know our moms better than anyone out there so get her something that will remind her of you, something that will ease up her stress or something that boost herself daily. I better wrap this up and get my own order in for Mom! Hopefully next year, it will be a trip somewhere for her to relax. Let me know in the comments below how you celebrate mom on Mothers Day. And Happy Mothers Day to all you Mama’s out there. Even the Fur Mamas like me.

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