Reef Bay Hotel

My friends and I normally stay at this beachfront quiet hotel when we travel to Anegada. The Reef Hotel was damaged in the 2016 Hurricanes that hit the Caribbean as 2 Cat 5’s but some of the rooms ( beach front views) are available. You don’t need much to stay a couple days here. Mainly a pair of sunglasses, some sunblock, swimsuit and a camera.. and some money to purchase their delicious lobster dinners. Which are cooked on these steal drums.

There’s so much wildlife to find on this quiet flat land which lays in the British Virgin Islands, and is part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean. From wild flamingos to friendly wild donkeys. I had the pleasure of getting close to these beautiful animals during our visit.

Two of our favorite beaches in Anegada which are a must to visit are CowWreck and Loblolly. To get to these beaches you can either rent scooters or a safari truck for larger groups. Caution.. those scooters hurt if you take a tumble on them. Don’t drink and scoot. I’ve seen many of my friends land pretty hard.

COWWRECK with my ladies, that’s me in the middle.

Loblolly Bay

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