Adobe Creative Cloud

Back in 2003 when I was studying Graphic Design I would have never imagined that I would be able to share with all of my friends and family the software that is helping many of us content creators build websites, edit photos & video, animate, illustrate from scratch and so much more.

I’m talking about the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription which has come such a long way from past years. Sad to say but most of my work was printed and lost as the years went by.

I remember using Adobe Illustrator in class and being amazed at the tools I could use to draw & paint electronically. PhotoshopCS3 I used to bring an old photo of my mama back to life by patching and cloning. And in InDesign I would create flyers for club promotions and convention booth designs. CD Rom bundles would sell for a couple hundred dollars with up to only 2 computer downloads max, and files would only be available when saved on your one computer without having access to them on the other.  What a flash back, but lets fast forward to 2018 where I decided to freelance again with the software that I once knew. Although there are many new features and tools, the main tools are still the easiest to learn. Since I took on Photography, I now work with Lightroom for photo editing, Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator  for logos and murals, and one of the newest features is Adobe Spark which helps create posts and slideshows. The creativity is endless.

Today Adobe Creative Cloud comes to you directly through the internet with monthly subscriptions for freelancers, discounts for teachers & students, and they even have package bundles for large businesses.

Creative Cloud also allows you to log-in from any computer that has the software downloaded. By saving your work to the cloud, you can create anything, on any computer, tablet or phone, anywhere in the world.

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