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U.S Virgin Islands Makeup Artist

Jazmin Isabel


Originally from Chicago IL, I was born and raised in a Colombian household. Growing up, my parents would travel my sisters and I back and forth to South America. We also moved yearly from apartment to apartment throughout Chicago. This is how my love for beauty & travel evolved and is a big part of who I am.

In the early 2000’s I studied Graphic Design & Illustration while working a full-time corporate job. Eventually, my creative focus took a turn and I started my journey with makeup to express myself more. In 2010 I studied a short semester at Make Up First Academy and grew to love the art of applying makeup. Throughout the next couple of years, I tried creating myself from a Freelance Makeup Artist to a Full-time Makeup Artist but failed. At the time I was living in the suburb and decided to move back to Chicago with my little sister for a year full of fun and wild city adventures. There I continued to focus on myself and my happiness.

In 2013 my life took an unexpected turn where I took an incredible work opportunity to move across an ocean to the island of St Thomas. Talk about a dream come true! Although I was eager to learn about my new position in accounts payables, the beauty & culture throughout the Caribbean was more interesting. It led me to take my artistic talents to the local community where I’ve gained so much admiration for my art. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained more confidence in myself. The love from the community, my partner, family & friends, reminds me to continue my own path to happiness. 

It is now 2021! I’ve created this space in hopes I encourage you to find your path to a journey full of beauty & consistent happiness. We all have the potential to keep fighting for what we truly want. Take that “what if” moment and ride it! Follow me through my artistic travels, and let me help you in the ways I know-how. I want to motivate you and encourage you to reach for your goals & continued happiness. Together we can stay in a powerful state of mind and adventure our beautiful world. 


A few of my favorite beauty products

Favorite Skincare Line: Sonia Roselli

Favorite Mascara: Telescopic Waterproof Mascara 

Favorite Airbrush Brand : Temptu

Favorite SPF: UV Clearface

Always in cart: Beauty Blender

Favorite beauty Style : Neutral

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