Spend a weekend with your girls in Wynwood

About a 25-minute drive from Florida’s beautiful Miami Beach is an area named Wynwood, Miami. Its known for its electric walls of murals painted by artist all around the world. The night scene is active & full of music & fun. With many things to do during the day, like grabbing brunch, going to museums or shopping for artisanal gifts. As well as brewery hopping & not far from Miami Beach. Wynwood is the perfect town to get lost in with your girlfriends for a weekend.

What to do at night in Wynwood?

Wynwood, Miami is awake at night. From interactive dinners to base pumping down your eardrums. Dining out with your ladies around Wynwood is far from lame. My sisters and I were scoping the area during the day when we heard some loud music and cheering and came upon the RHouse, An intimate brunch spot filled with drag queens and lots of dollars flying around. We caught the end of the show and knew we had to come back. We ended up making a reservation for the Beauty Queen Dinner show.  This is a must with your lady gang!


Take a night to watch some great bands or DJs at the Oasis, Wynwood. They are full of events with an array of food & drink vendors. We chose to plan our trip when Above & Beyond was performing. As sisters, sharing the love for the same music lets us create these special memories. And since the Oasis is on a smaller scale venue, we were able to get up close to the stage to really feel the love.

Stay in the Wyndwood Art District

There are a ton of little neighborhoods surrounding the Walls of Wynwood. It’s actually a safer bet as it is quieter at night and we felt very safe walking around. I love using Airbnb to book travel stays. It’s very convenient and now with their new 2022 Summer updates, you can find any place that meets your needs. We stayed at this little condo which was perfect for the three of us. One trick I use is that if there isn’t anything available on Airbnb, I look through VRBO as there are some hosts who prefer that platform to rent out their space. Or, you can never go wrong staying at a hotel in Miami.

Brunch & Museums

Start your day with brunch. We enjoyed OL’Days , a farm-to-table restaurant featuring natural & organic ingredients with outdoor seating and brunch daily. I suggest sitting inside as a storm could come by and rain on your parade as it did to us. There are also so many other brunch spots to choose from like the RBar as mentioned above. 

Walk that brunch off ladies. One of the museums we stumbled upon during our trip was the Nadar Museum. Currently, through the end of June 2022, they have a Botero Immersed display. Fernando Botero is a famous figurative painter and sculptor from Medellin, Colombia. We learned that his work highlights the natural volume of the body. Don’t miss this display because it can be very aspiring.

Plan to visit Superblue Miami, an interactive art museum with rooms filled with digital art displays. Immerse yourself within as these rooms take you through different dimensions.

The Wynwood Walls Experience!

Take about 45 min to walk around these displays. Large warehouse walls are painted with the best vibrant murals in Wynwood. Become one with them, as they can be very educational, inspirational, and impactful!. Create memories with your girls in front of these pieces & visit the artisanal gift shops within. Before heading there, make a reservation here for tickets. 

 Visit Some Breweries

If your girls are like mine, cheers! We love a good brewery hop and let me just say it is great around the Wynwood art district. Veza Sur is as big inside as it is outside. Full of games, cultural foods, lounging areas, and live music. La Tropical is located on large garden grounds. They host bands, and events, and have a large food menu to pair all their beers with. Finally, Wynwood Brewing is like your neighborhood bar. Puerto Rican owned by son & his pops, it brings the Caribbean culture to Wynwood. Small but with a great arrangement of freshly brewed beer. It was a little bit of a walk to get there, but that’s why we love to eat… to walk it off for a beer.

Beach Day at Miami, Beach.

Take a beach day down at Miami, Beach. Take an Uber and relax for the day. We all know a girls trip can be a little exhuasting so make time to get sunkissed. Miami Beach is beautiful because its filled with colorful lifegaurd huts & blue ocean back drop! Great for people watching and just feeling the winds that create those calming ocean waves. But if your girls go hard, explore some of the other adventurous things to do around Miami with Viator.

Girls Trip Success

Don’t leave Miami without any memories. Brunch it up, walk it out and experience all the fun that the Wynwood Art District has to offer.  Take all those photos and make sure you buy some art for yourselves because having a piece of what is going to be a very special trip with your girls should not be forgotten. My trip with my sisters inspired me to write this post. And I hope you get some great insights from it. Leave me any comments or questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

If you have never visited Miami, check out this free downloadable map. Using a sightseeing pass is easily accessible and might take you on a whole different adventure than my girl’s trip.


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