My morning skincare routine is just 4 easy steps and pretty quick. For someone in her mid 30’s, I would say it’s been doing me good. This is a great skin prep for anyone with all skin types. As these products work together to give you that perfect refreshed scented feeling leaving you moisturized & glowy all day. With four products that fight oil,  hydrate skin, prime & overall moisterize, I guaraentee you will have soft non-flakey or greasy skin all day. 


Yellow Micellar Water bottle over a pool

Use a Micellar Cleansing Water with Vitamine C which removes makeup, dirt, & oils and then leaves you glowing. It’s an all-in-one cleanser that’s dermatologist approved. I like taking a clean dry wipe and adding 1oz to it then wiping away starting around the eye area since it will be the dirtiest. Then move on to the cheeks the chin the neck and any small creases in between. This cleanser won’t clog pores and is suitable for dull and sensitive skin. 

Step 2 – Bring back the PH balance to your skin

By bringing back the PH balance to your skin, you are both toning and preserving the elasticity of your skin. I use this spray toner that does the same as the micellar water above but with the extra power to clear your pores, self-exfoliate dead skin cells & moisturize. It’s a formula made with natural plant extracts. This is the secret weapon that I have been using religiously for a little over a decade. Because of this PH skin normalizer, my skin looks younger than I ever thought it would at 38. Spray evenly around your face and neck. You will feel a difference instantly.

Yellow Micellar Water bottle over a pool

Step 3- Moisturize Face and Neck

Yellow Micellar Water bottle over a pool

A lot of us forget to moisturize our necks & only focus on our faces. Our necks are sensitive in all aspects and have the same if not more elasticity than our faces. That is why moisturizing your neck is important. My girlfriend Natalia @Sunkissedbynat gifted me this beautiful flower-scented moisturizer. Not knowing its benefits, I started using it daily. And boy has it increased the longevity of softness that my skin feels all day. Its Hyaluronic Acid: “Provides powerful all-day hydration” Infused with 500 mg of CBD to calm and soothe your skin with its peptides, it supports the renewal of skin cells. Im telling you, I will be purchasing another one when I’m empty.

Step 4 – Hydrate and Prep your lips

Our lips need love too. Even though a good exfoliation is recommended on our lips once or twice a month, it’s not a daily chore to keep them soft and luscious. I was introduced to this amazing lip moisturizer back in 2012 when I was taking makeup classes at Makeup-First School in Chicago. This stuff is like butter to your lips. Adding to the rose-scented moisturizer above, it completes my morning skin prep. You should always prep your lips with a moisturizer before adding liner or lipstick. Not only will it soothe your chapped lips, but it will leave them smooth and plumped for when you’re ready to add color.

Yellow Micellar Water bottle over a pool

It really is pretty simple to keep a morning skin prep routine that will last all day. Having these 4 products out on your sink will keep them in sight and in mind. I know they help me, and it’s about one of my only daily routines lol. I hope this skin prep helps you in some way. If you’re in your mid 30’s like me or preparing your skin for the future, it’s never too late or too early to start a regimen like this. Leave me a comment and if you have any questions, I’d love to answer them for you.


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