Group Tours in Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia is full of adventurous things to. Especially if you travel with a large group because you can reserve amazing tours throughout Santa Marta for a discounted price. Like a visit to  the Marinka Forest where you can rent motorcyles and ride up to some waterfalls. You can take a trip to Rio de Don Diego in the Sierra Mountains and tube down a river for 4 hours then eat with the monkies. Or, hang out at the local beaches like Playa Grande and rent jet skis. Whichever adventure is for you, your’e bound to have a trip of a lifetime when you visit Santa Marta Colombia.





Stay in a beautiful mansion in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia

It’s not for nothing but traveling with a large group can really get you into staying in some beautiful homes around the world. My group of 17 shared this amazing Airbnb Mansion that sits right in the center of the city in Santa Marta. In Colombia Airbnb & VRBO come with maids if desired. They will cook you breakfast and do your laundry. This specific Airbnb had a door guard who would let us in and out of the mansion. A nice tip at the end of your stay is appreciated for their hard work. A gem truly hidden in the busy streets that are full of restaurants, markets, and fashion shopping,

Once we made ourselves at home we headed out to the grocery store to provision for a few days. Stay close to each other as many locals will see you as a tourist. Although safe, its always good to be cautious.




Visit the Waterfalls in Minca by Motorcycle

If you’re up for an adrenaline adventure, I recommend heading to the small village of Minca. Here you can rent motorcycles and ride up dirt roads to Cascada De Marinka. A van is also available to drive you up, but where’s the fun in that?

Once at the waterfalls, there are nets you can relax on. You can even jump in the warm water holes. If it’s raining, the waterfall tends to be more intense so be careful with the current it creates.

Head back down to the Village of Minca and enjoy the sunset within the little town in one of its cozy restaurants. With the large group, we were well taken care of Arcadia Cafe Bar while we waited for our bus driver to arrive.


Take A River Tour Down the Sierra Nevada


A more relaxing tour would be tubing down the Don Diego – River in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This tour ends at the mouth of the Rio Don Diego and the Caribbean Sea. It’s a must if you enjoy nature, wildlife, and relaxation.

Our guides took us on a short hike along the river bank through the jungle to reach the point of entry. He spotted a tiny poisonous dart frog for us (do not touch these little guys). Then we floated down the river while we enjoyed some drinks from a cooler, the views and smells of luscious foliage and sounds of nature for over 3 hours.

Lunch is provided with the tour. We opted to eat after the end of the river and luckily we were greeted with Howler monkies as we ate. It really is an experience of a lifetime.


Take a day trip to hang with locals

Santa Marta is full of culture! A short ride from the city there is a small beach town called Taganga. This a fishing area and a great area for divers. Around the other side of the small strip is Playa Grande.

We took a launch from Taganga to Play Grande for about $6 per person. The locals really work to get you to take it because later we realized there is a small trail you can take over to the beach cove for free. Playa Grande is filled with locals and restaurant shacks lined up. If you are looking for fancy foods, and clear waters then this is not the beach for you.

Taganga isn’t a touristy area so skip it if hanging with locals is not your thing. But as someone whose parents are from Colombia, I really enjoyed experiencing another part of the country that not many enjoy exploring. We made the best out of our day and topped the night off at Aloha- Taganga Reef Bar.


Take a Bus from Santa Marta to Cartagena

Round up your stop in Santa Marta then take a 4-hour bus ride to Cartagena. You can purchase through Red Bus.  The bus terminal had plenty of food stands from breakfast to lunch to juice bars. Get there early so you have a chance to stock up for 4 hours. The ride goes through Barranquilla and through some very isolated slums of Colombia. This part of the trip will make you appreciate all that you have in life. Some stops are made to pick up riders and even street vendors who jump on for a couple of towns to sell their street food to the passengers.

Visit Santa Marta for Adventure

Santa Marta is full of adventure if you seek it.  From exploring the city, mountains, rivers, and beaches solo or with larger groups. It’s a beautiful part of Colombia that is safe and has so much to offer when it comes to touring the first city of Colombia since 1525. So visit Santa Marta if you are up for trip of a lifetime. 


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