Summer is upon us, well most of us since I’m in the summer heat year-round. And as a makeup artist on St. Thomas, I know a bit about what works and doesn’t in hot climates. On many social occasions, I’m asked if I have makeup on and some are surprised when I tell them, a full-face girl! I’d love to share my top 10 summer makeup tips that will give you that healthy glowy look all summer.

10 summer makeup tips

1. Moisturize and Prime your face with a mattifying primer to help control oil & shine. I love using this shine killer primer on my T-zone which is where I normally get oily. This pairs beautifully with the Embryolisse moisturizer. I normally like adding the moisturizer before I spot prime.

2. Skip the medium to full-coverage foundations and opt for a lightweight oil free tinted moisturizer with spf. Show off those freckles, beauty marks and yes age spots! Nothing feels more beautiful than owning your own skin. Plus with a shear coverage like Tower 28 Spf 30 or the Elta MD Tinted moisturizer. the light coverage settles nicely into your fine lines & will make you feel weightless and beautiful.


p 3. Waterproof Mascara  Wearing mascara in the summer can become a big mess. No one likes getting home and seeing a panda bear in the mirror, although they are cute, we sure dont look warm and fuzzy with mascara smudged all around our eyes. Yea its a bitch to take waterproof mascara off but beats the runs from all the heat and sweat. A tip to take off waterproof mascara would be using organic coconut oil & a cotton pad.

4. Use clear eye primer like  this MAC Primer which keeps your lids looking bare under a bronzy shadow. You can achieve this by using a bronzer as an eyeshadow for all over the lid and just below the brow bone. This will create a contoured sun kissed look on your lids that won’t budge on top of the eye primer. 

5. Use Cream products on the face as they can last longer than powdered ones. My go to contour creams work for both contour and highlighting, even concealing. They are the NYX HD Concealers & the blend flawlessly into the skin. Along with the Elf Halo Glow & Putty Blush which is gorgeous when applied with a damp beauty blender. These techniques will set you on natural & glowy skin-finished adventure.

6. Use a lip oil, I’ve been using the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Hydrating Lip Gloss lately and they are pretty amazing. Giving your lips a soft tint with moisture throughout the day will keep your pout hydrated while adding some color. So put those thicker lipsticks away, because they will melt in your bag, and reach for a moisturizing lip oil. Instead of heavy, matte lipsticks, opt for lightweight lip stains or tinted lip balms in bright, summery shades. These provide a pop of color while keeping your lips hydrated and comfortable.

7. Use a small makeup bag to store your summer beauty product in your daily purse. These bags should be breathable that won’t increase the heat inside like a plastic bag might. Carry travel-size products such as a small face powder & mirror, blotting sheets, your lip oil, and even a lash curler. Love curling the lashes throughout the day as they tend to weigh down with the heat.

8. Setting Spray: Lock in your glow with the this trending setting spray! your makeup will love you for this step. Using a setting spray at the end of your summer makeup application will keep your makeup longevity for hours in the heat. I know the makeup artist industry can’t get enough of this magical spray.

9. Carry a travel-size spf setting spray for addition protection. Not just for your makeup but for your skin too. Love your skin, so re-applying spf the spray on way will keep the skin you love and the makeup you spent precious time applying protected though any summer occasion

My final tip is a hard one, and that is to hydrate. We all know we lack our water intake daily, but as summer approaches, hydration is crucial. Staying hydrated from the inside helps your skin look plump and radiant which can make your makeup application look smoother and last longer. That is why I’m always carrying and traveling with my Hydro Flask in the 21oz size

These summer makeup tips will help you achieve a fresh, glowing look while staying comfortable and confident in the summer and even on vacation!! Let me know if you found these tips helpful by leaving a comment below or repinning one of my Pins. Ciao for now! 🌞

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